Ivory & Navy Blue              Bling Buckle Menus
 (Shown with an Ivory center invite     with a Navy Blue backing with a       matching satin ribbon and square            buckle of rhinestones.)

 Breakfast at Tiffany's Menus 

(Shown with our sweet Audrey Hepburn and her classic cigarette, Dahlin! These are made of the famous Tiffany Blue and Black.

 Black & White  Damask Menus 

(Shown with the classic black and white tie combo and 2 rhinestones between the bottom entrees)

Pink Double Band Menus

(This is the double band love ribbons added to this menu. One on top and one at the bottom and topped with 3 rhinestones)



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Welcome to our Menus Section

Rectangle & Square Menus are located on this page in many colors and themes.

Circular Menus are located on the other page 


Pick your choice menu


Email us here: Partyshakers@yahoo.com

All menus are custom made to order.  

Normally it will take 14-16 business days to complete orders with a 2-3 day shipping in the U.S.

For RUSH ORDERS there will be an additional fee.

Most menus come with a plain color backing to match your theme! Some outside backing patterns such as Damask, Lace and others with texture are a little more expensive than the plain backgrounds.

Book Menus are usually made as a book with the opening page to share with your guests of your chosen selections.

Party Shakers charge by the each depending on the style and request of color ink for your custom menus. Black ink is complimentary and less expensive than the color inks.

Note on Shipment!

Once menus are shipped, there are No Returns!

There will be a demo shown to you via email, menus are shipped with your approval

NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS on custom menus!


 Yellow Mellow Swirl Menus

(Shown with the lemon yellow and purple backing with matching satin ribbons and an accented bling rhinestones.) 


Theme Menu Book

(Shown in Black and White, with a rhinestone front. Seen with menu selections and signature drink selections with a glittered martini glass)

 Red Cherry on Midnite Menu

Menu Magenta Perfume Bottles 

 (Shown in silver glitter and magenta diamonds.  Great for the Sex in the City theme, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, birthdays and more!  These also come in other colors)


Tall Stand Up Menus 11 x 6

Medium Plate Menus 7 x 3