Gi-Gis Tiffany & Platinum Gown

(Who doesn't love Tiffany. This Silver Satin gown is trimmed with the colors of Tiffany satin ribbons and silver beading. )

Gigis Gold Vintage Lace Gown (Gi-gi had to show some thigh action on this shot. She really was feeling herself in this photo shoot. There black lace appeal to this gold satin of elegance in this gown! This has a finish touch of gold faux beads around the neckline.)

 Gigis Broadway Magenta Gown (This black satin gown is trimmped with magenta love and completed with a black lace of lower hip action. The neckline has a black bead loop drop in front.)

Gi-gis Pink Satin Damask Gown

(Soft pink satin with the neckline and lower hip line of a damask pattern trim of velvet love.)

Party Shakers


Gi-Gi Galini Pet Attire Clothing Line

All pet attire is created upon request to match your theme and colors for your special event. We will need all specific measurements for your adorable pets. Sizes are Xsmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge

Gi Gi Galini Pet Designs

(FORMAL)Welcome to Gi-Gi Galini Designs! We want all pets to feel gorgeous and loved as our children! Party Shakers has learned that pets are our children too. Why not have them look fabulosity for that special event out? Pets love going places too!  Well, here is your answer and it starts right here.

Send us an email of your precise measurements along with your payment through Pay Pal.

Small Gowns starting at $20.00

Assesories: Pearls or Color Beads around neckline, Colored Ribbon at tail end with pearl or beads, Tulle veil (extra)

Sizes Available are:

 Xtra Small, Small (as seen to the slideshows with Gi-Gi the miniture chihuahua), Medium, Large & Xtra Large!

All pets come in different sizes.

Example of Sizes:

Tea Cup Breeds or Toys are EXTRA SMALL

Miniture breeds as Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Poodles, Pomerainians, Pappillons, etc., are SMALL

German Shepards, Labordors, Golden Retrivers, etc., are MEDIUM-LARGE (Depending on measurements)

Great Danes , St. Bernards, Mastiffs, are EXTRA LAGRE.

All we need is your special pets measurements to fall into the appropriate catergory sizes as seen below.


Gi-Gis Damasky Hot Pink Gown 

(Aw, don't be shy? This is for the Damask Lovers! This particular fabric has a velvet texture to it and topped off with faux pearls around the neck!) 

 Gi-Gis Turquoise Me Gown (Are you feeling Gi-Gi's eyes?  She is really feeling this gown of shimmer glamour!)

Gi-Gi's Love Holiday Gown 

(Feeling a little holiday cheer? How about Valentine's Day? This creation is perfect for any occasion, or ust being sexy hot red!) 

Gi-gis Eggplant Glitz Gown

(Awww, Gi-Gi feeling purple and sassy at the same time! This one has the touches of silver glitz down the center back and neck line.)