Welcome To Our Crinolines/Petticoats section!

We can dye them for you! 

Used for: Weddings, Proms, Theme Events 

(like Masquerade Balls, Victorian, Vintage Flare, Retro Touch) 

If you already have a white crinoline of your choice and want that extra color of POP, ship us your crinoline/petticoat for your choice of color desired! 

Some have asked, what is the difference of a Crinoline and Petticoat?They are similar to the same thing to add volume to your dress-gown look. 

Crinolines: Are layer and layers of a sheer fabric with some added tulle to add fullness to your gown of choice. Some come with an added hoop band at the bottom for more of a puffy look under the gown to make it flare out into a bell shape. There are many to choose from in style of your wedding gown, proms or event. 

(You can see our inspirational photos below left side)

Petticoats: Are layers and layers of sheer and or tulle for a flared bottom. Most are used for shorter styled dresses at a mini style or tea length styles.

Your Options

1. If you already have a crinoline or petticoat, you can mail to us and we will dye it for you. Just pay for the color choice and shipping.

2. If you would like to order a crinoline of choice and have us dye it for you, just let us know. {See the example chart below}

Order and Processing Time

Please allow up to 5 - 6 weeks if ordering your crinoline. Once it is received the dying process begins and we will send you photos of the dye process. Please make sure you order a slip a little bigger than your regular size. Dying process will shrink it a little during the process. 

Examples: I am a 14-16, a David's Bridal Crinoline 16 fits snug. An Large Mermaid fits tighter, but can be worn. I would bump it up a size X-Large. 

Partyshakers suggests that you find the appropriate slip that fits you best and ship it to us for dying. Pick the color and we will start the dyeing process. Most dyeing procedures may take up to 4-5 application processes to get the right color chosen. We will send you photos of your colored crinoline/petticoat via email for your approval. Once your order is completed and dried for shipping, you will receive it within 3-6 weeks after the dyeing process starts. 

Sorry, there are no refunds or returns on dyed crinolines/petticoats.  

Email us at: 

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 Styles of Crinolines and Petticoats

Our Dyed Crinolines and Petticoats are coming later this month 

Come back soon!