Sunrise Butterfly Burst                    Tears of Joy

Yellow cardstock accented with orange with a flying butterfly topped off with a matching rhinestone. 

Also shown with matching a Program Fan. You can see more Fan Programs to the tab on the left side of page.  

 White Crisp Purple Heart Bling Tears of Joys 

(Shown in white with purple ink, topped in a wavy silver border and a single clear rhinestone. Logo: Heart Clarity Diamond)

 Orange Tropical Limer Bling Tears of Joys

(Shown in summer orange, magenta ink, topped lime green border in a feligree cut with a matching lime green rhinestone. Logo: Oval Clarity Diamond) 

White Blue Wave Pearl Beach Tears of Joys

(Shown in white with navy blue ink and the top is wavey double borders of light blue and white with a single faux pearl.  Pearls, Rhinestone & Shells are extra! See others on this page with the Rhinestones and Shells? Logo: Palm Tree Sway)

Vintage Rose on Chandelier Tears of Joys

(Shown in pink with a darker shade of pink at the top border in a feligree cut. An added small rose bud to match and a swag of gold beads. Logo: Ballroom Chandelier. Ink is Dark Pink and Gold with a magenta single rhinestone at the bottom.)

See the matching Placecards (Pink Lace Vintage Love) in the Placecard & Escort Section above.

Tropical Bling Bow Love Tears of Joys 

(Shown in the tropical colors of dark pink, green and orange to with the Logo: Oval shape clarity diamond, that every woman deserves! See the other Tropical Bling with rhinestones on this page?)


Chandelier on Red Midnite Tears of Joys

(Shown in dark red and black, with the touch of a chandelier and rinestones for extra sparkle. Top border scalloped edges. The rhinestones are extra!)

Blue Beach Bling Tears of Joys

(Shown in baby blue with navy blue ink and the top is wavey. A special rhinestone touch is added to the logo: Palm Tree Sway. Pearls & Shells are also available on this page!

Matching wedding bouquet is located in BOUQUET 2 Section called: 

Soft Blue Clouds on Pearl

White Red Chandelier Tears of Joys

(Shown in White with red & black love. Bordered with red & white feligree edges.)

Tiffany Rhinestone Tears of Joy Packets

(Shown with two toned wavey edges on top and a  blinged rhinestone)

 White Tiffany Bow Damask Tears of Joy Packets

(Shown with two toned wavey edges on top, white bow and a blinged rhinestone)

 Tiffany Black Bow Damask Tears of Joy Packets

 Party Shakers


Welcome to the Tears of Joy Pages. Tears of Joy packets are created to your dream theme colors. 

Logos are included that's in our stock list based on your theme. If you have a monogram, we will add it to your created Tears of Joy packets for free. If you don't have a monogram and want one created, that's an additional fee.

Other reasons for Tears of Joy Packets usages:

 Outside Weddings





Retirement Events

Bridal Showers


Bon Voyages

Send Off Military


or just because!

These beautiful packets can be used by women and men. All tissues can be used for all purposes. 2-4 kleenex tissues can be added upon request!

Pouches are sold without tissues and decor, but can be added for an additional fee.




Ribbon Bands


All Tears of Joys come in the decorated top borders as shown in the photos, unless specified!

Border Cuts




Our Email:

 After receiving your  Pay Pal payment. Your creation will be made as a demo and verified by email. Sorry, we do not mail out demo samples, because it is PROHIBITED duplicating PARTY SHAKERS CREATIONS!

Once we receive your approval of your demo sample, we will add to your pending order of programs 

Sorry, NO REFUNDS on Tears of Joys! 

Once shipped to you after your approval, Party Shakers do not except returns on printed products.



White Midnite Ruby  Damask 

Tears of Joy 


 Purple Sheen of Heart Diamond  (shown in silver with purple ink, topped in a purple scalloped border and a single purple bow below. Logo: Heart Clarity Diamond)

Champagne & Brown Gold Rings Tears of Joys

(Shown in Champagne with brown ink and topped with a brown border in feligree cut. Logo is Gold Rings with a rhinestone. Rhinestones are extra!) See a matching bouquet in the BOUQUET 1 Section called:

Chocolate Champagne Pearls Foo Bouquet  

Sage Double Bells Tears of Joys

(Bells will be ringing! Shown in a soft tone Sage color with the silver straight cut, topped the Sage feligree border and a matching Sage rhinestone. Logo: Bells 1) Rhinestones are extra!

Blue Beach Shell Tears of Joys

(Shown: with light blue and navy blue, topped with a seashell of love. All shells may be different, but matched to your theme. Top border is in wavey. Shells are extra! She others on this page in Rhinestone and Pearls! Logo: Palm Tree Sway) See the matching bouquet of pearls in the Bouquet 2 Section called:  

Soft Blue Clouds on Pearl

Tropical Bling of Love Tears of Joys 

(Shown in white, fuschia and lime green with the touch of a matching rhinestone at the bottom. Rhinestones are extra. Logo: Oval Shaped Clarity)

 Ballroom Chandelier Tears of Joys

(These are for the vintage lovers. Shown in pink, dark pink & gold with a touch of dark pink rhinestone.Top border is feligree edges and gold beads. Logo: Ballroom chandelier  Beads and Rhinestone is extra!)

Peacock Tears of Joys- 

(Shown with a peacock feather 1 logo, topped edge with a two toned scalloped borders of dark purple and sage green. Top Fancy font is special, if not wanted please let us know!)

Purple Peacock Tears of Joys

(Shown with peacock feather 1 logo, topped edge with a two toned scalloped borders of dark brown. Top Fancy font is special, if not wanted please let us know!)  

 Dusty Pink & Navy Blue Damask Tears of Joy

(Shown with the wavy borders)

Funeral of Roses

(Shown in a hint of yellow for the memory of your loved one. Excellent favors to remember your last day at services. But the memory lives on!)