Sunrise Eggplant Violet Programs


 Vintage Lace Brooch Programs  

These Fuchsia-Pink and Ivory Programs are very classy! Lace and Brooches is a vintage theme of elegance. Brooches come in all types to match your theme. This particular brooch is the Starburst Brooch of Bling!

 Purple & Violet Ribbon Programs 

Hollywood Trifold Programs

(Shown in the old television show logos. These are divided by scenes. What is your program? Cardstock, Parchment, or basic colors are available. A touch of a simple rhinestone is added with the satin ribbon band. The matching placecards and table names-numbers, can be seen in the designated tabs above.)

 Hollywood Large Program Signage

(9 1/4 X 12)

(Shown with a touch of Hollywood glamour with red and black peaked feathers. Nestled with a large ruby rhinestone. Program Signage is large enough to be viewed for your guests that are just arriving to your ceremony or event. In slideshow, candy buffet signage is available in the Candy Buffet Section. Larger signage is also available.)

Sage Green Programs




Welcome to our Programs Page!

We can make your dream programs for any occasion. Five kinds of programs are available: Single, Layered, Fanned,  Booklet or Trifold 

After your payment is received via Pay Pal, We will show you the demo sample via email only! Samples are not mailed, for possible duplicating from Party Shakers creations. 


Our clients chose their colors, decor, and style to their liking.

All programs come with a colored backing to match your dream program.

Ribbon colors are included with your chosen design.  We will communicate with you during the process of your creation.

Sorry, we are not accepting any REFUNDS OR RETURNS for created programs! 




Eggplant Damask Booklet Programs 

(White booklets with a rich dark purple eggplant center with your personalized Ceremony Greeting on the front and edged with a matching ribbon bow) 

Logo used: Damask Scroll 

 Peppermint Booklet Programs 

(White booklets with red bordered center with your personalized Ceremony Greeting on the front and edged with a matching ribbon bow)

Logo used: Red Damask 

     Peppermint Feather            Glam Booklet 

Pink Gerber Daisy Layered Programs  

Trifold Programs 

(shown in Gray Parchment paper & Black ink)  

Damask Fan Layered Programs

See More at Fan Programs Tab above! 

(Pricing is based on 4-6 pages and 1 decor ribbon. All prgrams come in different logos and colors)

Swan Tiffany & Brown Programs

Moroccan Camel Layered Programs

Ocean Baby Blue Palm Programs