Damask Placemats

 This pattern is so powerful you will only need to space these out to give your table that special accent of Damasky! {These particular placemats come trimmed in your accent colors to match your theme.}

 Damask -Lavender Trimmed & Bows

Damask-Red Trimmed & Bling

Magenta-Brown Trimmed Placemat

{Layered Program shown can be seen at this link:}


 Napkin Wraps (No Logo-names only)

A very nice and crisp way to personalize your guests with their place setting at your event. Walking into a place knowing that you have your very own personalized seat is awarding! These can come in colors to math your theme. Menus seen are located in the Circular Menu Section!

Party Shakers


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partyshakers@yahoo.comThese would be amazing to spritz up any event,  bachelorette party, headtable and family tables with these beauties.

Menus shown can be ordered separately at this link:
Square-Rectangler Menus:
Placemats are made to order!
Placemats are sold by 4's only= 1 set. If quantities over 3 sets ordered, get a price break!
All Placemats & Squares come with decorated trim to match your theme.
 After receiving your paid order, placemats will be designed and mailed out within 15 business days. Rush orders are also available.
After your payment is received Party Shakers will  create your custom designed placemat and we'll email you back your creation by photo for your approval. Then we will complete your order for shipping.
Absolutely, No Refunds after shipment.  
Napkin Rings have been added January 26, 2010 with more to come! All napkin rings are custom made to your color design or theme for your upcoming event. Please order by 6's when ordering your napkin rings. Allow 14 days to completion of your order. After receiving your dream and quote, you will be sent a Pay Pal Invoice. Once your payment is received, your order will be processed and completed for shipping in 14 days. We will also send you a picture of your creation when one is made for your approval to proceed with the final stages of your napkin ring order.

Centerpiece Squares

Coming Soon!

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 Silver Damasky Trim Placemat

This selection of silver or any color requested is decorated lightly with the feel of the Damask trim. This type of placemat is not overpowering, just to accent your setting with the elegant feeling of Damask.

Damask-Lavender Trimmed Bows (No Bling)

Chocolate & Pink Placemat

(Layered Program shown at this link:)


 Damask Napkin Rings


Tiffany Aqua Napkin Rings

(For the Tiffany Theme Events, decor of silver trim)

 Sold by the 6's

Moroccan Napkin Rings 

(Shown in plain striped rust and orangey-gold, with  our without large rhinestone) Sold by 6's